Josh Medlin


My original place of birth is Waco,  Texas.  However,  we moved frequently due to financial hardships that would arise from being raised by a single mother.  When we started Medlin & Associates,  our goal was to build an agency that put God first,  family second and work last.  My prayer is that every associate and family member,  we’ve been entrusted to counsel,  believe they are beloved sons and daughters.  My favorite scripture is when Jesus says to His disciples, "Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all."   This scripture really defines our agency purpose; to be humble and build a lasting relationship with every person that is put in our path.  In fact we have a saying in our office,  “The WIN for every customer interaction is the relationship with no strings attached.”  I want our clients to know with certainty that they will be handled with care and respect,  no matter if they are new to our family or been with our agency since the beginning.  It is because of YOU that we get to come to work everyday with a joyful heart.  This posture allows us to help create solutions to whatever insurance or financial demands that come your way.  I am honored that each one of our clients trust our agency to protect their most valuable assets.  I take that responsibility very seriously and am honored that we get to serve each one of you.